I greatly appreciate it


My Bakersfield store is connected. I greatly appreciate how quickly Unwired was able to install.

Thank you,

Michael K.
Johnstone Supply

I feel much better informed and equipped to explore client approaches


I really appreciate your time today to provide guidance on searching out possible communication providers to address the inconsistent T-1 service our client has always experienced — but has become unbearable these past couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing some strategies given limited options. I feel much better informed and equipped to explore client approaches.


Matt F.
Shamrock Technology Group

Your customer service is excellent

Thanks Craig,

Your customer service is excellent. Thank you for the great help and advice even though your coverage does not reach our area. I will highly recommend your company based on your professionalism and service.

Best regards,

Jeff P.
Actagro LLC

What an amazing service unWired provides to its customers.

Dear unWired Support team,

I wanted to thank each of you, Ben, Phillip and Ed, for the tremendous help you have been to me over the past week! Each of you exhibited incredible patience with guiding me through the steps needed to get me back up and running and at the same time have the newly installed DIRECTV work appropriately.

I could tell from waiting in line, to speak to a tech, that the office and staff was very busy and yet, each of you was incredibly patient and calm as you guided me step by step to solve the problem. I was and am in awe that none of you even hinted with a tone of voice that you were in a hurry to get me off the dang phone and move on to the next person waiting in line. Each of you was technically proficient in your knowledge of the problem and had no problem picking up where the previous tech had left off.

What an amazing service unWired provides to its customers because of the qualified staff and the ongoing reliable connection unWired provides.

I would like to make one more request and that is for whomever gets this thank you, to please forward it to the owner. Everyone needs praise and it is well deserved, so I believe management should be made aware of the outstanding job you each are doing!

A very satisfied, impressed, customer!

Barb H.

A fine job well done.

I would like to extend my gratitude for a fine job well done. Forest did a great job. He and his associate were both professional and efficient. My service is working perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you unwired. Please keep me updated on your upgrades and improvements.

Thanks again,
Jon H.

Quick response to my problem.

Thanks for the quick response to my problem. All is up and running. Had Hughesnet before you guys. 110% better internet service!

David B.

Outstanding job!

You guys are the best…everyone I’ve come in contact with unWired does an outstanding job. Thanks again for putting this deal together for us.

Craig S.
Cherry Creek Mortgage

Great Service

I just wanted to let you know that my service is all up running. Thanks for the quick response and great service.

Thanks again,

I really appreciate the approach your firm takes.

Things seem to be back to normal (I and my boss thank you).

I could see you guys working on things until about 4:45 yesterday afternoon. Around then, speeds got back to normal, and seem to have remained stable since.

I really appreciate the approach your firm takes: Your field tech noticed my service inquiry yesterday, and took it upon himself to drop by to ‘see how things were working’; and tagged along to ensure the offsite radio rebooted normally. Your office techs are always ready to help, even with odd circumstances (customer equipment) like the “Frankentower” repeater. John Weigand has been a pleasure to work with for years.

I deal with a number of other communications vendors at work, and would probably have a lot fewer grey hairs if they all offered your same level of customer service.

Once again, thank you for all the hard work.

Bill F.
Squaw Valley Ca.

I appreciate the fast response.

As always, I appreciate the fast response I receive from unWired Broadband, but I must make special mention of the service I received. Miguel has responded to the last 3 service calls, if I am not mistaken. He is always knowledgeable, professional, and NICE while troubleshooting. He’s great with customers — at least with this one. And I think you should know that!

Bean N.

It’s almost to good to be true.

We are very excited with the service and product we have received. It is so nice not to feel like an internet second class citizen. We have watched Netflix movies and I can watch DIY videos without waiting several minutes for them to load and then having them pause every few seconds!! It’s almost to good to be true. If the speed continues as is Eve and I will be some of your best advertisers. Thank God for Unwired!

Lee and Evelyn L.

UnWired Broadband was an answer to prayer.

UnWired Broadband is the only ISP service available in the Ballico/Snelling, CA area who is able to deliver fast, efficient, uninterrupted internet service. After a lot of dead end, waste of time inquiries with other companies, along with my personal experience with using Hughes Net (they advertise fast internet speeds with the option to upgrade to faster speeds; however, I never noticed any changes in internet speed/downloads/uploads – really it’s a joke) When nothing else would work for me UnWired Broadband was an answer to prayer. Unwired BB is super-efficient and super-fast (business fast). Customer service is remarkable; you actually get to speak to local reps! Everyone I worked with was knowledgeable, professional,friendly and efficient. Thanks to Craig, and especially Scott who provided the on site guidance and performed the installation on our ranch It took several weeks, but no time was wasted….I would have waited months had I known what the end result would be. Wow I’m amazed. Thank you so much UnWired BB – you ARE a family oriented company and such a blessing to me. I will recommend you to everyone I know!


Lightning fast compared to Wild Blue.

They did a great job .Very helpful, clean and prompt. Unbelievable in today’s world of late cable guys. I wish I would have done this years ago. Lightning fast compared to Wild Blue.


Good job Unwired.

Unwired is the BEST, FASTEST, and most customer service oriented company I have seen in a long time. I own a business myself and get so frustrated with the lack of customer service that plagues our world. Not these guys!! Responsive, courteous, friendly, smart, bend over backwards to make things right. I have been a customer for years and years. The installer puttered up in a Ford Pinto several years ago and had us up and running. Haven’t stopped since. Whenever there is a problem they are a friendly phone call away. Good job Unwired.


Love it!!!

Took a little longer than 3 weeks to get up and running but the experience was great. Installer was very nice and even kept working in the rain. Hated my steep roof though. Had HughesNet, but unwired is faster and I can update my iphone now without running out of usage. Love It!!!


I love the download speed.

I love the download speed. Emailed high res. pictures the other night to my Aunt. The whole process lasted less than 5 minutes. With the old ISP I would have been in front of the computer for 2 to 3 hours. Great service.


Thank you UnWired!

I have not had Hi-Speed in my area for 7 years and I’m glad to finally found a company that can have fast internet just like as if I was living in residential homes. Thank you UnWired!


Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Everything about unWired so far has been great!! Many thanks, and we will highly recommend you if any occasion arises!


Best wireless service!

Being an IT Professional, for a number of years I have watched Wireless companies come and go, but UwBB is by far and away the best wireless service now and then. Their responsiveness to their customers needs, their friendly AND helpful support and their installation crews are far above the norm, always going out of their way to get the job done. I have been referring them to my clients for a number of years and will continue to do so! Thanks UwBB, please continue to make me look good! 🙂

Happy customer.

WOW! We couldn’t be happier!


WOW! We couldn’t be happier! You really came through for me and Stevinson Ranch! The install team was great and super helpful so thank Jared and Vance again for me. And one day into having speedy internet again, I’m going to go home early because I’ve gotten everything I need already done!

Ryan B.
Assistant GM
Stevinson Ranch

Appreciate your prompt and professional service.

Dear Craig,

I wanted to thank you for the quick response on Vulcan Construction & Maintenance. They appreciated your prompt and professional service; Forrest & Scott were great!

Thank you again.
Ray J. T.

Quickly and Efficiently.


Thanks for your help. Vulcan was installed quickly and efficiently. I appreciate Scott and Forrest – they are some of your best.

Thanks, again.
Ray J. T.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help. Hector and Russell really went above and beyond fixing my issue. My service is now better than it has ever been.

Randy R.

I am SO happy and pleased with UnWired!!


I am SO happy and pleased with UnWired!!!!! Everything is SO much faster – just wonderful! The two installers, Robert and Ryan, were SO nice and did such a GREAT job! He set up the router, as well. The mouse is great – so much easier!

Corliss L.

I would definitely refer anyone looking for Internet services.


I want to take a moment to provide you with some feedback from the installation of your firms’ services.

The installers were prompt and very professional without being stuffy – direct and informative of what they will be doing and what to expect.

My installers were Scott and Forrest – they inquired where I would prefer the access point for services. I chose it to be in our family room which is on the south side of the house.

Even though the equipment would need to be installed on the north side of the house – AND I have a tile roof, the cheerfully indicated the could do it without the attitude I received from Hughes Net technician who by the way installed in my bedroom so he only had to run like 10 feet of wire.

Scott and Forrest worked around me and my annoying 9 dogs – yes nine (6 plus my sister moved in with her 3) without showing any frustration.

They had us up and running quickly and went over the specifics and outlined what number to reach your firm should any issues arise all before all within an hour.

No wasting a whole day with these two, like Comcast waiting on someone to arrive then see them move slow as …. because they are being paid hourly and trying to milk it.

I was very impressed with their customer service level and ease in how they responded to my questions and requests.

All my concerns were addressed before they left. You have two very knowledgeable and committed employees – which are not an easy find these days! Whoever hired them needs a bonus as do these two guys.

Based on my experience with your staff and firm, I would definitely refer anyone looking for Internet services and to my clients who are moving or purchasing a new home.

My experience with Hughes Net was crap that’s speaking with their general business service in addition to the internet service which we all know sucks.

This was a far cry far from the nightmare I had to deal with Hughes net, it took me a whole day to get it running without any help because the tech was as computer literate as my dog.

Thanks – I am feeling so much better about having a 3 year contract with your firm now.

Keep up the great job!


Julie J.,
Realtor CA

Great support call


I just wanted to let you know that I did a 9PM support call with one of your guys and it went real well. I think it was Miguel. I changed out my brother’s switch to a router in his office, and added a second router for the house. He talked me through it quickly and skillfully.


Excellent and Professional Technicians

I really enjoyed the quality of service Hector gave me during installation. I will inform and recommend my friends and business partners about how excellent and professional your technicians are.

Thank you.
Wayne B.

Thank you!


Thank you for sending A.J. to install my internet today. He was friendly, courteous and diligent in making sure it was installed properly.

Thank you.
Esther C.

Just wanted to say thanks!

I just wanted to say thanks to you and all the folks that helped get me Unwired. I appreciate the effort you and Steve and Robert and Jason put into getting my internet up and running. It sure is a different way to use the net. I have to relearn what I can do. I have recommended you to several folks out here. I know Jim Marchini has already put in a call. Once again thanks for the help.

Randy R.

Real Speed

After three years with Hughes I am extremely pleased with the speed I have been getting with Unwired and wish I had made the switch a long time ago. The installers, Scott and Forrest, were very professional, accommodating, and pleasant. Even when I had to call technical support (turns out my Router had an issue) the phone was answered by a very knowledgeable person who was very helpful. All in all I am very happy with the transition to an ISP with “real speed.”



You have reinforced why Unwired is our company of choice for all of our VOIP Solutions.


I know that through your time and efforts rarely get acknowledged so I would like to take a moment and thank you for your dedication and understanding of what service means. As you are well aware I have chosen Unwired as our ISP Company of choice for all of our VOIP connections. We were not aware of any situation with your “Disaster” until Monday which we experienced higher than usual latency and the occasion dropped packet. John emailed me and brought me up to date of what the status of the network was in a clear and concise manner of which I was able to convey to all my VOIP customers. Upon calling them none of them were aware of any problems with the network other than occasion jitter and a little slower than normal internet. None of them had any complaints and if I hadn’t called probably wouldn’t even have been aware of an issue at all. We deal with pretty much all ISP’s as is the nature of our business and nobody even comes close to levels of service and reliability that UnWired provides.

So in summary kudos to you and your staff. You have reinforced why Unwired is our company of choice for all of our VOIP Solutions. Keep up the good work and looking forward to what the future brings.

John M.
PC Solutions

Works like a champ!

Hi again Steve,

I just wanted to thank you again in regards to your fixing my streaming issues.
Netflix works like a champ.
YouTube works great now, too.
I would assume KTVL.com would work fine as well.

I am unhappy I about canceled Netflix and I have egg on my face because I defended my ISP and my choice to go local because I felt and thought my ISP wasn’t engaging in traffic shaping/blocking/etc.

I also work for an ISP as a support technician so I realize sometimes things do need done in the name of security and/or making things work for everyone — so I do appreciate that.

I respect UnWired and appreciate having a local choice. In the 2.5 years or whatever I have had you — you’ve been rock solid and other than this ‘streaming’ issue which has actually gone on for me off and on for quite a few months — your record is rather unblemished. I would still highly recommend your services and hope any traffic manipulation you do is in the best interests of your customers.

Thanks for maintaining a solid network which has allowed me to work at home for an ISP in Talent, Oregon. I would love to actually explore working together a bit more — perhaps peering, VoIP, offering telephone service to your customers, hi-cap, etc.. we have an excellent VoIP product at $10/m and I think it’d be awesome if you could sell it to your broadband customers if that’s not something you’re currently doing.

Anyway — keep up the great work and thanks again to Philip, Craig, and I am sure others that I don’t remember.

Kind regards,

Steve R.


Hey Unwired

I wanted to thank you for the good job the repair crew did today for me. They came out on a repair ticket to my house and took the time and effort to fix the problem. They really impressed me with the work and extra time at my one private residence to make the system work.

Thanks Unwired.

Randy R.

Your IT guys were great.

As of last night – everything seems to be working a lot better. I will let you know if I have to unplug/reset before logging on. Just want to thank you for all your prompt help. Your IT guys were great and everyone was so helpful. It’s good to know you are there to help your customers when needed and so promptly. I was really impressed that I got a phone call back after the first time I called. Normally when you call places you never get a call & if you do – your talking to someone in who-know-where country!. Thanks for being local and very patient.
(dummy’s like me). Will keep you posted if it slows down again.

Thanks again
Kristi H.

Outstanding service

Dear Craig,

Randy Baerg and I wanted to express our gratitude and excellent customer service that was provided yesterday. The two technicians, Robbie and Jared, done a great job and were very helpful and were able to get us up and running.

Again, thank you and we appreciate your outstanding service.

Best regards,
Mary V.
Warren & Baerg Manufacturing, Inc.

Your service is great

We just wanted to let you know that we just started using your service and thus far it is great and a heck of lot better than Hughes satellite.


Bob & Lynda W.

Your Customer Service was superb

Craig….. I have been a customer, I think pretty much from the start. All I can say is I did not even know there was a problem. Even when I created a small problem here at home your Customer Service was superb in helping me resolve the problem without a whimper. I still think you folks give the biggest bang for the buck. I thank you for having the guts to start a venture like this and succeeding. I have turned a few people on to you and hopefully they took your service if they did not it is their problem.
Keep up the good work

Don O.

You can put us on your reference list

You can put us on your reference list, far better than expected so far (always leave room for the oops factor) so good.

Al B.

I appreciate your help


Thank you so much for sending Matt out to set up the internet. He had everything running very quickly. I appreciate your help….I was at my wits’ end.

Janie D.

Thanks again for the service!


Your crew, Gerry and AJ, installed the Broadband service today and my wife Sharon said they were awesome. Thanks for getting this completed on Thursday. Sorry for the frustration on my part, but I was definitely getting worried.
Thanks again for the service!

Darrell G.

I am a happy customer

Dear Craig,

I just wanted to inform you that currently I am a happy customer. The difference between your company and the prior companies I have dealt with is vast. So far I have been dealing with Brian McKinney. He is pleasant to talk with, is highly knowledgeable and has made our transition painless. Customer support has been exceptional. I look forward to being your customer.


Paul M.
Laboratory Manager
Central California Tristeza Eradication Agency

Your hard work will make this a successful project

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all who worked and contributed to today’s successful conference call and configuration of the firewall, with the exception of one printer (we think it’s a minor problem) all data tests have been successful, and we are looking forward to rolling out all the mobile units and printers. A special thanks to Ken at AT&T, Joe, Joy and Fred at Sac IT, and UnWired Broadband, your hard work will make this a successful project.

Thanks again..

Mark J.

Word of appreciation for your crew.

HI Steve,

Word of appreciation for your crew. I am impressed. You have high quality personal. Very happy with the Connection.


An absolute DREAM to work with.

Steve, Craig & everyone at Unwired Broadband –

I just wanted to thank you all once again, for the service you’ve provided.
By my view, it is a unfortunate state of affairs when a company can excel by simply doing what it says it’s going to – though that seems to be the high standard of service in the current business environment.
Let me explain further – in my world of dealing with other internet and telecom companies in obtaining and managing services from AT&T, Comcast, Charter, etc., they virtually all are an absolute nightmare to work with – botched installs, confusion about order details, etc – and you guys are total contrast – an absolute DREAM to work with.
In summary, thank you for taking care of us.

Gary F.
Pacific West

It is amazingly fast.

Hello Craig;

Thank you for E-mailing copies of invoices. I mailed a check Friday for both.
If it is easier for your accounting purposes, E-mailing me invoices in the future rather than mail is OK with me.
I am very happy with your service, it is amazingly fast.

Myron J.