With the largest wireless footprint in the Central San Joaquin Valley, covering over 30,000 square miles, unWired Broadband reaches out to metropolitan and underserved rural communities alike with reliable, high‐speed connectivity; strong roots in customer service; and a desire to play a role in the economic growth of the region. We are a full‐scale broadband provider, equipped to service customers with High Speed Broadband Services through Fixed Microwave Wireless Technology. With our dedicated staff of employees, we are also a one‐stop source for our customers when it comes to, Network Consulting, Wireless Bridges, Emergency Broadband Services and Wireless Hotspots for large or small events.Since our conception in 2003, we have played an integral role in the valley. Providing reliable high‐speed connections to large agricultural operations, serving the World Ag Expo, and Exhibitors. Supporting the Clovis Rodeo and the upcoming Kings and Tulare Counties’ Project Homeless Connect— these are but a few of our roles that define the socially responsible side of who we are.

unWired Broadband has a proven entrepreneurial record when it comes to smart growth. The company’s main growth in the past years was driven by several acquisitions (TheWorks Internet, QNIS, 10Base Networks, Central Valley Internet Project (CVIP), LemooreNet, VTL, and Madnet.


Additional Information

Market Opportunities

Our current footprint stretches from the northern edge of the Grapevine in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, east to Tracy Ca and North to the northern edge of Atwater, including many foothill communities east of the 99 corridor. Our growth goals include taking wireless services all the way up North to Roseville, while proliferating the 3.65 GHz WiMAX range, securing unWired Broadband’s position as the largest wireless provider in the San Joaquin Valley.

We have earned roughly 20 percent of the wireless market share in this region, with 60 percent of our revenue earned from commercial clients and the remaining earned from residents. In the past years, up to 90 percent of our new business came through referrals, a strong testimony to our deep level of customer loyalty.

Management & Operations

Peter Sorensen, President, CFO has over 30 years of Telecom background and 11 years in wireless internet. Peter brings RF expertise to the team as well as general communications knowledge. His management skills lead the team through project development and strong ʺGood Businessʺ practices.

Craig DeManty, CEO, brings over 11 years in wireless arena and 20 years of solid Internet management and sales experience. Craig is an integral part of the customer acquisition process as well as marketing and business development. He has guided an established ISP through the dot com boom and not only kept it successful, but developed a large client base along the way.

Garret Burbidge, CCO, has long managed network services for one of the largest government agencies in the US. His enterprise managerial experience brings strong business perspective to the company.

Unlike most wireless providers, UnWired handles all installation calls through our own, in‐house, service technicians. Customer service is handled either through one of Level 1 or Level 2 support staff. And our current footprint is covered by over 70 “point of presence” towers.